Pioneer Travel Vocabulary

Read the definition below and enter the right vocabulary word into the crossword puzzle.

1       2         
 5           6    

1a wagon that is pulled by oxen or horse that has a canvas top. These wagons were used to carry a family and their belongings.
4a group of covered wagons traveling together.
5an area of land that is naturally untouched and wild.
6a flat boat that was used as a raft to help wagons cross large and deep rivers.
7prairie town that grows quickly.
9someone who travels far to move from one area to another in order to find a new place to live and only bringing what they could in one trip.
10to mark trees in the wilderness to help pioneers with the direction of a particular trail.
11 when the oxen pulled a covered wagon across a small river or stream that is not deep.

2a long and narrow piece of wood that connected the oxen to the wagon.
3an opening through a mountain range that is easier for a wagon to travel through.
8a wooden frame that fits around the necks of two oxen. The yoke would be used to help attach the oxen to the wagon tongue.
9flat grassland, with very few trees, in Midwestern America