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Welcome to your Pioneer adventures!

Through these different adventures, you will learn about the many challenges Pioneers experienced during their travel west. You will also learn about terms and other interesting facts about Pioneer times.

In Adventure One, you will go hunting! You will use the glossary and hunt down those new Pioneer terms. As you find the words to match the definitions of each term, you will complete a crossword puzzle!

This time, for Adventure Two, you will go on a scavenger hunt for information. Searching the web for answers to specific questions about Pioneer travel will prove to be a fun and exciting learning experience!

Cool Presentations! After researching a Pioneer topic, in Adventure Three you will create a Power Point Presentation. With neat sound effects, clip art and great facts, you will become the teacher as we will all learn from you!

Along your journey as a pioneer, you may want to keep track of what happens! What better way than to keep a journal! In Adventure Four, you will write a journal entry to record the events of a day or more while on the trail. Of course your journal entry would be more exciting with a picture to show what you are talking about. You want to be able to tell and show your friends what your trip was like!

Before you begin your adventures, you need to know how to use the Internet, be able to create Power Point slides, and of course you will use your writing skills.

So “Giddy-Up” and begin your adventure!

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